What is with the driving in Macon co.

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I have to visit Lafayette on a regular basis and have been for the last 20 years and I am dumbfounded by the sheer stupidity of drivers here. They have no idea how a 4-way stop works, they cannot do the speed limit thus impeding traffic flow, they pull right out in front of on coming traffic then slow down. When you go to pass they want to speed up like a total bunch of idiots trying to cause an accident. I am a native Tennessean and I have traveled to one end of this state to the other many times and I have never seen any place this stupid in all of the state. I have even talked to law enforcement and they agree. I honestly don't know if its drugs or just plain ignorance. Praise the Lord I'm not from this God forsaken place. Even co workers in other counties have heard of it and laugh at their ignorance. It just might be in the water, when visiting this hell hole don't drink the water to be on the safe side or it may cost you brain cells.

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I grew up there and you're right about their vindictive driving. Maybe they're trying to make the front page of the local paper. I'd wager that if their local newspaper didn't post pictures of the worst wrecks on the front page every week, the driving might improve.
Some clay county drivers will go over 100mph to keep you from passing and then do 30mph in a 55mph zone just to hold you up. There's definitely something amiss there! Gallatin drivers like to wait until the light turns yellow before they go through a green light. That's their own special kind of stupid.
Back to the macon County drivers though, be glad one doesn't have a personal grudge against you; I had one follow me all the way to White House TN and back demanding that I pull over because I wouldn't pay his electric bill for him (I rented a house to him). He had gas money and time for that but wasn't at work and owed tri-county electric company money from another residence. There ARE decent people there who can drive normally, you just don't notice them when the plague of idiots are swarming. I recommend a dash cam, and probably a camera in the rear bumper to catch the morons who think they can change a timed traffic light sooner by rolling up on other motorist's bumpers.

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Obviously you haven't driven in Sumner county lately.

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